Time management techniques (workshop 26)

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Working more efficiently with time management techniques

You have no time? Yes, you have. Every day you have 24 hours. You alone decide what to do with it. The reason why most people still think they do not have time is this: They waste their time on things that are not important to them — and often do not even notice it. Stop it! Here are three time management techniques that allow you to regain control of your time:

Time management technique #1

Transparency! Imagine what you do with your time — from the moment you wake up in the morning until you go to bed in the evening. Do an experiment and make a note of what you spend your time on a blank sheet throughout the day as closely as possible: What do you do in your free time, during your working hours, in your breaks? Take a look at your notes in the evening and mark them with three colors: GREEN, which was important to you or was fun. YELLOW, what you had to do with no way around it. RED, which was neither important nor compulsory for you. If you use this time management technique, you will soon realize that you actually have a lot of time and waste a large part of it quite recklessly.

Time management technique #2

Ciao, time-eater! Actively choose a cause that you are constantly doing, but that is not really important to you. Maybe it's the TV, Facebook, the coffee break or the beer with the colleagues after work. Some do these things out of habit, some out of boredom, some because of unrealistic hopes, some out of sense of duty. No matter — stop it. Of course, you can not stop all unnecessary habits at once. Therefore, first choose the most unnecessary habit and just give it up.

Time management technique #3

DO NOT make a ToDo list! Why? As soon as there are more than three things on your ToDo list, you lose the desire to get started right away. The sheer amount of tasks overwhelms you and robs you of motivation. Which alternative is there? Try the following: As part of the time management technique, you first collect and prioritize your tasks — the most important and urgent task at the top. Now, the second step is important: Give each task a realistic time quota and enter the tasks in your diary. For the email to your boss, for example, you need 30 minutes. You can then write into the calendar: EMail to the boss, 15:00 to 15:30. Transfer your tasks to your day, but of course you also plan breaks. Eventually, the time of your day is full. Maybe then there are still tasks left that have not found a place yet. But that is not a problem, because you have already entered the most important and urgent tasks at the very beginning. With your prioritized schedule, you can now do your job with maximum efficiency and without unnecessary pressure.

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