Theory of rhetoric (workshop 7)

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In this workshop you will learn classical theories of the art of eloquence: What did ancient Greek and Roman rhetoric teachers Plato, Aristotle, Quintilian and Cicero teach? Which types of speech and styles exist? What sets an excellent speech apart from a good one? All this — from a theoretical and historical point of view — you will learn in this workshop.

Theory of rhetoric: Beyond little tips

The purpose of this workshop is not to give you short tips but to deal systematically with the science of rhetoric. And above all, this means knowing important passages, analyzing them — and drawing conclusions for everyday communication.

Theory of rhetoric: The four rhetoric classics

The theory of rhetoric is based on four philosophers. The critic of rhetoric Plato, the first basic rhetoric theorist Aristotle, the rhetorician Cicero and the first rhetoric professor Quintilian. Knowing their lyrics and views is the cornerstone for anyone who wants to engage seriously with the theory of rhetoric.

Theory of rhetoric: Modern rhetoric theories

The science of rhetoric did not stop in antiquity. In this workshop, it is also about getting to know modern approaches of rhetoric and applying findings of the neurosciences to the rational and irrational persuasion techniques.

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