The art of simplicity (workshop 16)

You can integrate this workshop into your in-house training or your individual business coaching. Here are a few tips to "the art of simplicity".

It is not that easy to express complexities in a simple way. But "simply expressing" does not mean that you have to simplify the content. It is important to use a clear and understandable language. This workshop offers you techniques with which you can easily present complex ideas through simplicity of the word.

The art of simplicity: Albert Einsteins's point of view

Einstein once said: "You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother." Behind this is a very important thought: Only when we really can "break down" a topic, in each individual step, only then we really have understood something. Conversely, this means that if we can not explain each individual step (which could also understand the grandmother), that means that we ourselves only master the topic partially.

The art of simplicity: Karl Poppers point of view

Popper once said: "If you can't say it simply and clearly, keep quiet, and keep working on it till you can." From this you can see that you have to work on the simplicity. So you have to think carefully about how to express yourself in a simple way and how to rewrite technical words or concepts so that it could also be understood by a 6-year-old.

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