The art of refutation (workshop 18)

You can integrate this workshop into your in-house training or your individual business coaching. Here are a few tips to "the art of refutation".

Often we confuse refutation with counter-arguments. Counter-arguments give a reason why one should not support something. But do not necessarily contain a substantive exhaustion of the other side. This workshop teaches you techniques with which you can refute the other side correctly.

The art of refutation: Tip #1

Is that what was said relevant? — That's the first question you have to ask when refuting. Because before you go into concrete terms on the content and try to refute the individual reasons of the other, the preliminary question is worthwhile: Does it belong to the current discussion question, what the other has just said. Often not.

The art of refutation: Tip #2

Are there contradictions? — Because often people involuntarily entangled in contradictions. For example, someone argues that the penalties should be harder in Germany — and complains ten minutes later about the famous "parking violation ticket" he got when committing parking violation.

The art of refutation: Tip #3

Is that what was said true? — Often the others present us their opinion as "facts". But are the numbers and facts really correct? Normally we do not check how these numbers came about. But you should always do this.

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