Speakthinking (workshop 5)

You can integrate this workshop into your in-house training or your individual business coaching. Here are a few tips to "speakthinking".

"Think first, then talk" — this advice we all know from our childhood. But what if you do not have time to think? When your are asked to make a comment on something and have no opportunity to prepare? In this case speakthinking helps. This is a technique by which one thinks while speaking and speaks while thinking. But how does that work?

Speakthinking: Tip #1

"Why-questions"! What does it mean exactly? Thinking with "why-questions" means that while you are presenting a point, you ask yourself in your head: Why? So force yourself to better explain (or even justify) what you just said.

Speakthinking: Tip #2

Chains of association! This means that while you are presenting a point, you are making associations to what you have just said and then speaking about it. You are for example talking about Russia ... What kind of association do you have with the country? Literature? Ballet? Vodka? Just take the first association and speak about it.

Speakthinking: Tip #3

"I-references"! With each topic it is possible to establish a personal connection to the topic after a certain point. Take, for example, the topic of weather satellites. At first glance difficult, but you could say that despite all the weather forecasts of modern technology, the forecasts are sometimes totally wrong, for example this one time, where I ...

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