Speak without a script (workshop 1)

You can integrate this workshop into your in-house training or your individual business coaching. Here are a few tips on how to "speak without a script".

It is an almost everyday evil: Constantly speeches are not given, but simply read. This bores the audience. And it is almost impossible for the speaker to inspire his audience. So how do you manage to memorize a speech and with a little practice to give it totally free?

Speak without a script: Tip #1

Do not overload the speech with too much content! Especially for beginners it is difficult to remember all the individual points — especially in the light of stage fright. And then you think to yourself: "I'll just do a script and read ...". Incorrect thought: Because reading looks unprofessional and you forcibly lose the so important eye contact with the audience. Therefore: Cut the important points of your speech to a maximum of 3 — that helps immensely!

Speak without a script: Tip #2

Master the topic well! Because if you are really well versed, then you just have a secure feeling when giving your speech. And even if you forgot one or the other point, you can ask the audience a small question, if something is still unclear. If you are well versed, the questions are also quite easy to answer.

Speak without a script: Tip #3

Practice the speech at least once aloud at home. Because then you realize, at which points you still have problems with the transitions and where you can add something else in content. Those who practice more often gain more security.

Speak without a script: Our communication trainers will help you!

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