Rational argumentation (workshop 20)

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In rational, thus logical argumentation, a distinction is fundamentally made between deductive and inductive arguments. There is also the distinction between empirical and normative argumentation. In this workshop, you will learn about these and other types of rational argumentation — and how to convince effectively with these techniques.

Rational argumentation: Deductive and inductive arguments

Arguments can be constructed deductively. That is if one argues from the general to the specific. One could also say: Arguing from the principle to the individual case. Inductive arguments are exactly the opposite: One argues from the particular (individual case) to the general (principle).

Rational argumentation: Empirical and normative argumentation

Arguments can be descriptive — they are called empirical. Arguments can also include value judgments or should-statements — then they are called normative. The former are mostly used in science — the latter especially in everyday life.

Rational argumentation: Our communication trainers help you!

This argumentation typology sounds a bit complicated at first glance. But it is necessary to analyze properly and criticize arguments. If you want to learn the subject from scratch, then ...

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