How to rebut false arguments (workshop 15)

You can integrate this workshop into your in-house training or your individual business coaching. Here are a few tips on "how to rebut false arguments".

In every discussion people use fake arguments and fallacies. They are inconspicuous, because they are usually almost constructed as real arguments. But they are still flawed or illogical at one point. This workshop will show you how to recognize, refute and avoid false arguments and fallacies.

How to rebut false arguments: Typology

There are many dozens of false arguments that are very common in everyday life. They are divided into ad-rem-arguments (that means issue-related) and ad-hominem-arguments (that means person-related). For example, defamation is an "ad hominem" — and an authority argument — an "ad rem".

How to rebut false arguments: Rational and emotional false arguments

Arguments are not always issue-related or person-related. Many are emotional, too. A classic example is the so-called "argumentum ad misericordiam", the appeal to pity. This is an attempt to induce others to act through the awakening of compassion. It is these emotional arguments that are very common — and you should know how to defend yourself against them.

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