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How to overcome stage fright?

By stage fright the Duden understands an "inner tension immediately before a situation in which one has to prove oneself." Typical physical reactions to this stress situation can be red spots on the neck, sweaty hands and shaky knees. At first this sounds a little bit uplifting. But the overcoming stage fright can be learned. Here are our 3 best tips on how to to overcome stage fright:

How to overcome stage fright — Tip #1: Good preparation

Who is well prepared, is more relaxed. The reason is, that the preparation gives you a sense of security. How do you prepare yourself best? Here are two examples: (a) Get enough expertise. Invest in time to familiarize yourself with the technical terms and contexts, eg. to familiarize to a presentation in the company. Then try to explain what you have learned in simple terms. So you are well prepared when there are comprehension questions and act competently. (b) It is also helpful when you prepare yourself dealing with critical questions. Clarify who your audience is. What objections could the audience have? One reason for stage fright is the fear of embarrassing oneself. However, if you have thought about possible objections in advance, the first shock due to a critical question is eliminated and you can focus on the answer. Of course you can say: I can hardly prepare for all objections! That's true. But the more you practice it, the more techniques you develop to respond better to unprepared objections.

How to overcome stage fright — Tip #2: Set realistic goals

It is striking that people with stage fright often tend to perfectionism. Anyone who demands that everything must be perfect builds up unnecessary pressure. Instead, set realistic goals. You do this by asking your client or customer in advance, which he attaches particular importance to in the upcoming presentation. It is important that you put your own ideas into this conversation. This is how you find out if these details are even wanted. In this way, you know the framework and will not get tangled up in unimportant details.

How to overcome stage fright — Tip #3: Find out the reason for your stage fright

The stage fright tips 1 and 2 are general tips. To fight your stage fright more profoundly, ask yourself, what you are afraid of an audience in a speech. What do you need in the speech situation to be less aware of this fear? For example, are you someone who is afraid of boring the audience? Then it can help you if you concentrate on sympathetic faces in the room during the performance. They give you confidence. In the beginning, it is quite possible that you do not come up with any good ideas, which really scares you psychologically. Trust in yourself. Because at the end of the day you know best what helps you. And if you still can not fathom it after some brooding, get advice from your friends. They know you best — and some friend could has a great tip for you. But one thing is and remains most important: The practice makes perfect!

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