How to motivate employees (workshop 25)

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How do you motivate employees?

Instructions from above encounter silent resistance. Pressure leads to overload and dissatisfaction. An appeal to the sense of duty is only ridiculed. If you, as a a leader & manager, want to increase the performance of your employees, you have to rethink today. On how to motivate employees — three tips:

How to motivate employees: Tip #1

Create individual incentives. Because every employee is different — and would like to be treated like that. As a successful leader, you should therefore take the time to get to know your employees individually. Listen to each employee to find out what's important to him in his job. Three examples: (1) It is particularly important to one of your employee to perform. You can motivate this employee with rewards and awards. Promise him a salary increase or praise him in front of all colleagues. (2) The team is particularly important to one of your employees. Let him work in contact with other people and explain to him that the team is counting on him. (3) Your employee appreciates having control. If you give this employee freedom of choice and leadership responsibility or at least promise him that in future, you can sustainably motivate him.

How to motivate employees: Tip #2

Set clear common and clear goals together. "Together" means that you define the goals in dialogue with your employee. In this way, the goal gets a personal meaning for the employee — it becomes "his" goal, because he has the feeling of acting self-determined. At the same time, the goal must also be "clear". This means that it is not only as specific as possible, but also measurable and timed. A clearly formulated goal gives your employee orientation and ability to act.

How to motivate employees: Tip #3

Give appreciation and recognition. When an employee reaches a goal, when he makes progress, and even when he makes an effort, you can increase his or her performance by expressing appreciation. Give a positive feedback, an appreciative feedback, a small "thank you". It may cost you a minute to do that yourself. But it means much more to your employee. Your appreciation makes your employee feel recognized by you: He feels important. This also makes his work important and to his personal concern. The important thing is that the appreciation must be genuine and honest.

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