How to find arguments (workshop 13)

You can integrate this workshop into your in-house training or your individual business coaching. Here are a few tips on "how to find arguments".

You know what you want to say in your speech. But you sometimes do not know how to justify your opinion? Fortunately, there are good practices that systematically look for arguments to justify one's opinion. Book this workshop and find out how to find arguments easily.

How to find arguments: Tip #1

Analysis of the actors involved. Every topic has its own actors who play a specific role. When you think about parenting, for example, you immediately realize: father, mother, brothers and sisters, grandmother and grandfather. On closer inspection also teachers, coaches, other friends and ideals of the child (the list could of course be extended), which participate indirectly in the education. Thinking about the importance of the individual actors makes it easier to find arguments on the topic.

How to find arguments: Tipp #2

Different social areas. Each topic can be viewed from a political, cultural, social, international or ideological point of view. For each of these areas, different lines of arguments can be found. You do not have to find an argument for every area. But thinking about these five areas helps!

How to find arguments: Tipp #3

Consider similar cases. There is a similar case for every topic. For example, when it comes to video surveillance, you could look at other states that already have more video surveillance than Germany. And then ask yourself: Does the similar case help me in my argument? If so, you have to ask yourself why. If not, you just look for another similar case that supports my thesis.

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