Emotional argumentation (workshop 21)

You can integrate this workshop into your in-house training or your individual business coaching. Here are a few tips to "emotional argumentation".

It's not just rational arguments that convince us. We often let ourselves be "persuaded" by emotions like fear, compassion or respect. But how does emotional argumentation work? When is it justified? And when should one not surrender to her defenseless? All this shows you this workshop.

Emotional argumentation: Appeal to our feelings

Since ancient times, many emotional arguments have been handed down, with which one can manipulate a person. Above all, the "pity argument", the "fear argument" and the "hate argument" are most prevalent in the history of humanity and in famous speeches by politicians. Goal: It is not the reason, but the feeling that should decide.

Emotional argumentation: Why do people appeal to feelings?

We humans are at the same time rational people and emotional people. But what drives us in everyday life? Reason? Or feeling? Most of us would say very clearly: feeling. But we all know that feelings can be deceiving. Feelings can be generated artificially and with the help of lies. And above all: Feelings let us act — while we do not necessarily get up from the sofa and change an opinion with rational insight.

Emotional argumentation: Always faulty?

But that does not mean that emotional argumentation is always wrong. Because if an argument is based on real emotions, if those emotions are legitimate, and if the resulting action is plausible, then emotional argumentation can also be very valuable.

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