Argumentative rhetoric (workshop 22)

You can integrate this workshop into your in-house training or your individual business coaching. Here are a few tips to "argumentative rhetoric".

Rhetoric without argumentation is empty — argumentation without rhetoric lame. Ultimately, it is the goal of a good speaker to support conclusive arguments with impressive rhetoric and thus increase the impact on the adience with his presentation. In this workshop you will learn different linking techniques of arguments and rhetoric.

Argumentative Rhetoric: Good content and good presentation

The concept of argumentative rhetoric ultimately goes back to the Greek philosopher Aristotle. In his book "Rhetoric" Aristotle speaks of three persuasion techniques: The argument, the character of the speaker and the emotions of the audience. Aristotle says that the argument is the most important persuasion technique, because it forms the basis of every conviction.

Argumentative Rhetoric: An everyday rarity

In everyday life only few people argue. Often it is only claimed. And you usually put much more emphasis on your own appearance. After a presentation, one often notices that the speaker, for example, had many "ahems", that he did not gesticulate or that he seemed shy. Whether he has argued well and stringently — only a minorty usually pays attention to.

Argumentative Rhetoric: The foundation for improvement

It is true that good arguments, thus good content, improve every presentation, because they convince the audience of something. For one often asks oneself after a presentation: What did the speaker actually say? Or you do not change your opinion as a listener, because the speaker has not argued properly. Without arguments, the speaker has not reached anything — and therefore nothing improved. Whoever is concerned with the improvement or change of the status quo should therefore place arguments at the center of his speech.

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