Argumentation theory (workshop 19)

You can integrate this workshop into your in-house training or your individual business coaching. Here are a few tips to "argumentation theory".

In this workshop you learn the correct basic structure of an argument. And how to establish a correct context of justification between premises and the conclusion. Since one often presents several arguments in a speech, this workshop also shows you ways on how to connect meaningfully the various arguments with each other.

Argumentation theory: BBB and TBNS

The simplest two schemas of argumentation are the BBB schema and the TBNS schema. The first schema consists of statement-justification-example. Whereas the second one is made of statement-benefit-damage. Both are intended for practice, but are not too differentiated.

Argumentation theory: The Toulmin schema

A more complex schema of argumentation is the Toulmin schema, which combines 6 elements, namely: thesis, justification, underpinning, facts, exception, and the so-called qualifying element. It is especially suitable for complicated situations and is a useful schema for advanced users.

Argumentation theory: Further questions

In addition to the schemas itself, further questions are important: How detailed must an argumentation be? Do you have to include counter arguments? Which statistics should be used in the sub-argumentation? Should one start with the strongest argument? Does argumentation work different in an one-on-one discussion compared to one in a speech in front of an audience? What is the difference between persuading and convincing? And of course many more questions of argumentation theory ...

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