Conducting an appraisal interview (workshop 28)

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Conducting an appraisal interview: Most common mistakes

Key task or chore — what are appraisal interviews for you? The truth is: everyone can benefit from a good appraisal interview. Your employees, of course, if they get appreciative feedback on their work and get guidance for their future work. You, as a leader, when you find out, where your employees are struggling and need your support. And the entire organization, when trust is built up between employees and executives in appraisal interviews and the company is further developed. You can successfully prevent all these benefits by making the following three mistakes:

Conducting an appraisal interview: Mistake #1

You avoid sensitive topics. You talk about the bush. The relaxed start of the conversation lasts about twenty minutes — and then the conversation is over. What you can do to avoid this mistake? Definitely make your point of view and your expectations clear to the employee. Then find out what the employee thinks about your point of view and jointly work out a compromise with which both are satisfied. This may include asking your employee critical questions and asking for clarity from your counterpart.

Conducting an appraisal interview: Mistake #2

You to get the conversation over with as quickly and painlessly as possible. After all, you have the necessary experience and foresight to know what your employee should do. So why waste time with unnecessary discussions? Quite simply: so that your employee feels taken seriously. Give the employee sufficient speaking time, as he always actively inquires about his point of view. Ask your employee for his ideas and let him contribute to finding a solution. So you can win him for yourself and your concern.

Conducting an appraisal interview: Mistake #3

You already know before the conversation how it will end. Be honest: Do you have a bad feeling before the interview? You do not have to like every employee, but you should give everyone the chance to contribute to a successful appraisal interview. Always keep in mind that your prejudice can become a self-fulfilling prophecy — an employee you expect little from will probably deliver less. To prevent this, take your time and distance yourself from previous conversations and a ready-made opinion about the employee. Then go in the conversation as open as possible.

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