Valerio Morelli | Dipl. Mathematician

Argumentation and Rhetoric Trainer

Trainer for Rhetoric and Argumentation Valerio Morelli | Argumentorik Valerio Morelli works for the German Foreign Office on European policy and strategy. He has been writing speeches for top officials and politicians since 2017 and represents the Foreign Office as a speaker at panel discussions and civil society dialogues.

He previously worked for the European Central Bank and the Deutsche Bundesbank. While studying mathematics at the Technical University of Munich, he spent six years as a debater. His debating tournament successes include:

  • Winner at the German Debating Championship 2012
  • Finalist and semi-finalist at national and international Debating Championships 2008-2011

German Champion - Morelli | Argumentorik EM Semi-finalist - Morelli | Argumentorik

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