Andrea Gau | Lawyer

Argumentation and Rhetoric Trainer

Rhetoric Trainer Andrea Gau | ArgumentorikMrs. Andrea Gau started debating in 2006 and won many of the biggest German debating competitions during her successful debating career and was twice chief adjudicator of the German Championships in debating. Her areas of expertise include rhetoric, argumentation and professional communication.

Since 2012, she has been passing on her experience as a rhetoric trainer inside and outside of the debating circuit. Mrs. Gau is one of the most sought-after debating trainers in Germany.

Awards as a speaker:

  • Winner of the ZEIT DEBATTE Aachen 2013
  • Baden-Württemberg Debating Champion 2012
  • Winner of the ZEIT DEBATTE Magdeburg 2013
  • Semi-Finalist at German Championships in Debating

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