Prices for rhetoric trainings (in-house)

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Preise Rhetorik-Seminare | Argumentorik

All prices are exclusive of VAT and refer to the entire team. For trainings outside the Munich area, we add a travel and accommodation fee.

Rhetoric Course: "Rhetoric and Argumentation" (2 days): 4.997,-€ plus VAT
Communications Training: "Crash Course Rhetoric" (1 day): 2.497,-€ plus VAT
Negotiation Training: "Successful Negotiation" (1 day): 2.497,-€ plus VAT
Conflict Management Seminar: "Solving Conflicts" (1 day): 2.497,-€ plus VAT
Presentation Skills Training: "How to give better presentations" (1 day): 2.497,-€ plus VAT
Argumentation Training: "Convincing Argumentation" (1 day): 2.497,-€ plus VAT
Training of Quick-Wittedness: "Become Quick-Witted!" (1 day): 2.497,-€ plus VAT

Note: Each of these rhetoric trainings (in-house) has a fixed curriculum. If you would like to book a tailored in-house training, choose one of our in-house trainings.

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Customer Voice Rhetoric Training | Argumentorik

"Good focus on the essential theory and strong emphasis on practice. Excellent training."
— Andre W., Managing Director KGAL International AG

Customer Voice Rhetoric Training | Argumentorik

"I liked the seminar a lot. Entertaining exercises. I think I'll be able to implement a lot of that in my business life!"
— Rosa Maria E., Self-employed Physiotherapist Erlenberg Physio Praxis Kolbermoor

Customer Voice Rhetoric Training| Argumentorik

"Very competent and friendly presentation. For me, the training was a pleasant challenge that I was able to master. Thanks a lot for this!"
— Andrea K., Self-employed

German Speakers Association Deutsches Rednerlexikon WM Quarter-Finalist Top Speaker