The Philosophy of Argumentorik

The Argumentorik concept in one sentence: "Rhetoric without arguments is empty — arguments without rhetoric are lame."

Philosophie Argumentorik-Akademie

Only through a meaningful synthesis of reasoning and rhetoric a speech really becomes convincing. Unfortunately, in science and business argumentation and rhetoric are taught and used completely separately. Rhetoric trainers train well-sounding rhetoric — argumentation instructors focus on logical reasoning. And thus separate the art of beautiful language from the art of conclusive argumentation.

The Argumentorik concept eliminates this malady. The Argumentorik Academy places equal weight on argumentation and rhetoric. And thus creates the necessary synthesis of expressive language and impressive reasoning.

The Argumentorik concept: Argumentative rhetoric as a benchmark

The motto of the Argumentorik Academy is: No rhetoric without reasoning — No reasoning without rhetoric! Because rhetoric makes the language more beautiful — and argumentation makes the speech more profound. A good speaker will do both well. And tries to reconcile both. Too much rhetoric — and the speech seems contrived. Too much argumentation — and the speech overwhelms the audience. And how do you find the necessary measure between argumentation and rhetoric? That's what our Argumentorik trainers show you.

Our vision

Our vision is: Away from a society of claims! Towards a society of reasoning! In everyday life, people claim a lot. But only justify a little bit. When they have to talk for themselves, most people place more value on their appearance than on the content. It is the same when people listen: During the lecture one notices that the speaker had many "ahems", that he did not gesticulate or that he was presenting quite rigidly. Whether he has argued well and strict — only a minority usually pays attention to.

So why do we hope to move away from a society of claims and towards a society of reasoning? Quite simply: Good arguments improve the content, because they persuade the audience sustainably and (at least if they are good) lead to a change of attitude and behavior. Without arguments, the speaker does nothing — and therefore he improves nothing.

So if your goal is to improve the current situation, you should definitely put arguments into the center of your speech. But not only: Pure content, facts strung together on facts, bore every listener. Therefore, you also need rhetoric in order to present the arguments in a brighter light. And the ability to combine both is what we call: Argumentorik.

So try it with Argumentorik and choose the right product for you under in-house training, rhetoric training or business coaching!