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Do you have an important interview on television or on radio soon? And you want to be able to appear absolutely professional on camera regarding body language and voice? And be able to communicate your key messages succinctly? Then our media training is ideal for you! Our media coach Wladislaw Jachtchenko will coach you for your important performance. The expert for professional communication will teach you everything that matters for an interview — in only a 2-hour session.

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Media Training Europe-wide: What exactly does it involve?

In the first step, we use video analysis to improve your body language and intonation. Then we continue with the content: We will find formulations that sound 'handy' and convince your interview partner (presenter, journalist, etc.) faster. The third step is all about quick-wittedness: How do you react when the journalist or conversation partner asks you an unexpected question? A 2-hour coaching is usually absolutely sufficient to receive a good level. We analyze following aspects in a media training:

  • How to use body language and voice consciously and goal-oriented
  • Overcoming the anxiety of public appearance
  • Make optimum use of the available speaking time
  • How to get to the point
  • How to master unexpected verbal attacks confidently

Who should book a Media Training?

First and foremost a media training is for those who want to improve their performance during a media appearance: an interview on TV or radio, a press interview, a press conference or a moderation. But also anyone who participates in a public discussion or debate such as a panel discussion. Or if you are filmed in your speech with the recording of your speech published online. In addition, we are also booked by business clients who want to professionalize their crisis communications for their own employees, for the public or in an annual general meetings through concise messages. In all these cases, it would be recommendable to increase the media presence with the help of a professional media coach. So whether executives, professionals or company founders: The fine-tuning of your own professional performance is absolutely advisable

Media Training with Argumentorik: Always individual

The media coach Wladislaw Jachtchenko prepares himself meticulously for your individual interview situation and asks you realistic questions that prepare you perfectly for the interview. The coaching has 100% practical relevance and you will be able to recognise the improvements on camera after only one session!

Where does the coaching take place and how much does it cost?

Here you will find the prices of our media coaching. It takes place in Munich — or the media coach comes directly to you. And you save time of travel! Coaching is also possible via Skype at your preferred time. If you have questions about our media training or you are interested in making an appointment to discuss an individual coaching plan, call us at +49 89/95 73 11 51 or send us an email to We look forward to you!

Each coaching customer receives the online communication training "20 Best Communication Hacks: Influence and Persuade People" worth 79€. Watch the intro video now!

Rhetoric Training Europe-wide

If you are looking for an in-house rhetoric training for your employees, we also offer a seminar where we teach them how to improve their self-presentation. If you are interested in an in-house communications training, call us now: +49 89/95 73 11 51.

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FAQs about our Media Training in Germany and Europe

Experienced Top Coach | Argumentorik Can you describe the profile of media coach Wladislaw Jachtchenko?

Mr. Jachtchenko worked as a lawyer in several law firms and as a political scientist at the United Nations in New York City. Since 2007 he successfully gives media trainings for public figures, politicians, successful executives and management, entrepreneurs and spokesman. Managers and employees of well-known companies such as Allianz, BMW, Pro7, Westwing, 3M, Trivago and many others have already booked one of his coachings. Mr. Jachtchenko is the developer of the Argumentorik concept, which combines expressive rhetoric and impressive argumentation to form a unity. Through his sharp-witted analytical skills, he quickly reveals the potential of the coachee and strengthens the strengths of his clients. In doing so, he applies a broad spectrum of methodological skills and thus enables a professional media appearance. If you have any questions, Mr. Jachtchenko is available to assist you personally at

Duration of the Coaching | Argumentorik How many hours of individual coaching do you recommend?

The duration of a media training depends entirely on your individual needs: The range extends from an 1-hour status quo analysis to regular support by your media coach over several months, e.g. in the case of an intense preparation for a media event. If you need support in your continuous improvement process, then our structured business coaching program "Communicate Confidently" is highly recommended. Click here for the detailed coaching program.

Location | Argumentorik Where does the coaching take place?

The coaching either takes place in Munich — or the media coach comes directly to you. And you save time of travel! Alternatively, a Skype coaching is also a frequently used option if you are not from Munich.

Focus on Coachee | Argumentoriks How does the coach know what the coachee really needs?

Before the actual media training, you will receive a questionnaire by email, which you will fill out prior to the first session. Based on this status quo, we will jointly define priorities and goals for the coaching sessions. Of course, the client can adjust his priorities whenever needed.

Methods of the Coach | Argumentorik How does a coaching work?

We start with a status quo analysis: What kind of media appearance is it? What are your goals? Afterwards, we improve your body language and intonation through video analysis in the first step. In the second step we focus on the content: Together we find suitable phrasing and handy statements, which convince your interview partner even faster. In the third step we improve your quick-wittedness: We test your reaction in cases where you are confronted with unexpected questions from journalists or conversation partners. Further information is available from the media coach about our non-binding request.

Video Feedback | Argumentorik Do I get a video feedback as a coachee?

Yes! Especially in media trainings, appearance in front of a camera is crucial. Therefore we recommend all our clients to accompany the appearance in front of the camera prior to the actual media event. Thus we record the practical interview training, the speech training (if desired with microphone), the camera training and all other exercises, role-playing games and simulations with camera to analyze them afterwards. In addition, we offer a voice training and a professional voice analysis for your perfect appearance!

High Flexibility | Argumentorik How flexibly can I cancel the session?

You can easily arrange appointments with your media coach according to your time schedule. Postponing an appointment is possible within 24 hours. We also like to arrange coachings at unusual times, such as after work or at the weekend.

Further Improvement | Argumentorik How can I continue to improve after completing my coaching?

Due to an intensive media training with an emphasis on practical exercises of 80%, integrated video feedback and practicable tips, you are able to develop independently even after completing your coaching. The practical exercises recommended by your media coach can be easily implemented at home. In addition, you will receive the online communication training "20 Best Communication Hacks: Influence and Persuade People" with lifelong access as a bonus worth 79€. All online courses can be found at our Argumentorik Online Academy.

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