Our Junior Trainers

Rhetoric trainer Johannes Stark

Rhetoric Trainer Johannes Stark  | Argumentorik Mr. Stark studied Psychology at the LMU Munich and at the IDC in Tel Aviv and worked as a consultant on Change Management, Human Resources Development and Management Development and has been a debater for two years. He also volunteered as a teacher and trainer with street children in the Philippines, refugees and younger classmates as part of the P2P Mentoring Project.

If you would like to contact Mr. Stark directly, he will be happy to answer any questions at js@argumentorik.com.


"Excellent rhetoric training, we look forward to book Mr. Stark again and hope that he will accompany us for a long time as a professional trainer."
— Martin W., Chairman of Deutsche Gesellschaft für das hochbegabte Kind e.V.

Rhetoric trainer Benjamin Siegel

Rhetoric Trainer Benjamin Siegel  | Argumentorik Mr. Siegel studied Business and Economics Education at the LMU in Munich as well as Conflict Research and Mediation at the Tel Aviv University.

As a speaker, he has already participated in four World and European Championships and is a finalist of numerous international tournaments, e.g. Moscow IV 2015 and Vienna Freshers 2013.

At the Debating Club in Munich, which he chaired in 2015, he is involved in the training of junior speakers.

If you would like to contact Benjamin Siegel directly, he will be happy to assist you at bs@argumentorik.com.


"Good and understandable representation of rhetoric for our students. Gladly again."
— Ita A., Project Manager Jacademy

Rhetoric trainer Marius Rudolf

Rhetoric Trainer Marius Rudolf | Argumentorik Mr. Rudolf studied Industrial Engineering and Management at the University of Munich, Plymouth University and Entrepreneurship at Saint Petersburg State University. He has also gained experience in corporations such as BMW, KPMG and MTU as well as P3 North America.

Since 2013 he has been teaching rhetoric and communication in seminars.

If you would like to contact Mr. Rudolf directly, he will be pleased to answer any questions you may have at mr@argumentorik.com.


"We are very satisfied with Rudolf's rhetoric training and the feedback from the students is very good. He has fully convinced with his professionally, personally, reliability and punctuality. Thank you very much!"
— Patrick F., Managing Director of San-ak GmbH