Job Application Training in Munich: "The Perfect Job Interview"

The intensive Job Application Seminar

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The job application training "The Perfect Job Interview" in Munich is ideal for those who will have a job interview in the near future and want to improve their self-presentation. The aim is to optimize its "self-marketing" and to strengthen the applicant's profile.

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In our job application training we support you in the search of your dream job. It could be an application for a job after graduation as a young professional, an application for an apprenticeship or for a job as an academic as well as a professional reorientation: We prepare you perfectly for the company of your choice!

Each participant has the opportunity to practice what they have learned in two realistic job interviews. The basis for the interviews are real application documents of the participants (curriculum vitae and cover letter), so that the simulated interviews are carried out absolutely realistically. The perfect preparation for every upcoming job interview!

Job Application Training in Munich: Your benefit

Before the actual job application training, our trainer offers each participant to do a free application portfolio check. Here he points out mistakes and possibilities for improvement in your curriculum vitae and cover letter — with useful, individual tips for your personal application documents. Additionally, the trainer discusses points of optimisation in writing and articulateness to make even a better impression to the prospective employer and HR manager. Learn at the seminar from professionals and equip yourself with rhetoric tools which greatly increase your chances for the next application.

Note: The job application training in Munich is a group seminar for private clients and has a fixed schedule. If you would rather have an individual job application coaching, please take a look at our job application coaching for more information.

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Schedule Jop Application Training in Munich

9.00 – 9.30 Overview of the stages of the interview
The classical process of a job interview with its 7 phases.
9.30 – 10.00 First impression — how to optimize?
As soon as you arrive to the job interview, the evaluation of your person starts already: Shaking the employer's hand and accepting or refusing the offered drink?
10.00 – 11.00 1. Exercise/Simulation (job interview): The self-presentation and feedback
Here you should introduce yourself for 3 minutes without being interrupted by your conversation partner. Its all about a precise explanation of your career.
11.00 – 11.20 Standard interview questions and inadmissible questions — how to answer?
We have prepared a list of the most important classical interview questions for you, which you absolutely must have an answer for.
11:20 – 11.40 Cardinal errors — what are absolute job killers?
Here you will learn the 3 biggest job killers which decrease the possibility of a successful job interview automatically!
11.40 – 12.00 Insider's tip: Bringing examples to life — but how?
You should prove your career and your qualities with good examples. This section shows how you succeed.
12.00 – 13.00 - Lunch break -
13.00 – 13.20 The role of body language and voice during the interview
Of course you know that you have to pay attention to your body language and voice. But do you master these? We help you!
13.20 – 13.40 The salary negotiation
Absolute classic! Should I start? Should I push one's luck? Should I wait and see what the employer says? In this thematic block we clarify these kind of questions.
13.40 – 14.00 Last impression: How to be remembered
Especially with many applicants, you have to stand out somehow. How you can do that we show in this section.
14.00 – 15.50 2. Exercise/Simulation (job interview): How to answer critical questions and feedback
The most important part of the job application training: The trainer will ask you interview questions that he has prepared based on your application documents. And your job is to respond as well as possible based on the know-how you have learned.
15.50 – 16.00 Tips for the home
Tips with which you can independently improve your application and your application documents.

dates and registration

Organizational data at a glance:

  • your trainer: First-class rhetorician
  • target group: All who are currently applying
  • location: Lothstraße 19, 80797 Munich / Germany
  • number of participants: Up to max. 8 people
  • German
  • practice: Two simulated job interviews per participant
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Appointments: See registration
  • investment: 399,-€ incl. VAT per person

Job Application Training in Munich: That's what the participants say

The most common feedback we received from our participants at the end of the job application training was that the training was "very useful". And especially at the last job interview simulation it was obvious that there "is still room for improvement". 94% of our customers would therefore recommend the course. If you have any questions about our training, then do not hesitate and call +49 89/95 73 11 51 or send us an email to


Customer Voice Job Application Training | Argumentorik

"I appreciate the competence and the way in which Mr. Jachtchenko performs the training and his very likeable personality as well as the pleasure he radiates in his work! His competence and professionalism is convincing. Thank you for the wonderful career training!"
— Janine F., Europcar Autovermietung GmbH

Customer Voice Job Application Training | Argumentorik

"Excellent job application training, very good tips for my documents and for the job interview — I am completely satisfied!!"
— Kenneth O., Intel Telecom Engineer

Online registration for the Job Application Training: "The Perfect Job Interview"

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Important note: You can book the job application training for 399,-€ incl. VAT. The booking is in any case binding and obligatory for payment. For further details please refer to our terms and conditions.

Time and place: 11.00 am to 6.00 pm, Lothstraße 19, 80797 Munich / Germany, on the 3rd floor.

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Philosophy of the Argumentorik Academy

FAQs about our Job Application Training in Munich

Experienced Top Trainer | Argumentorik Can you describe the profile of our rhetoric trainers?

Our coaches are internationally distingueshed speakers. Mr. Jachtchenko is Top speaker in Europe and a quarter-finalist at World Championships , Mr. Witzmann is German champion in Debating championships, a semi-finalist in European Debating Championships. Finally, Mr. Dankerl is a quarter-finalist at World Championships and a semi-finalist at the German Debating Championship. Your employees benefit from the Argumentorik concept which combines expressive rhetoric and impressive argumentation into a single unit. Through our 1-day job application training "The Perfect Job Interview", you optimize your self-presentation and massively increase your chances at your next job interview. For questions, please contact us at

Innovative Concept | Argumentorik How many people can participate in a jop application training?

The training will be attended by a maximum of 12 people. If there are not enough registrations, Argumentorik reserves the right to cancel the seminar at least 7 days in advance. More information can be found in our terms and conditions.

Practical Excercises | Argumentorik Are there practical exercises included?

Yes! Our job application training in Munich focuses on practice. After short, theoretical sessions, each participant has the opportunity to practice what they have learned in two realistic job interviews. Real application documents of the participants (curriculum vitae and cover letter), which are sent to us in advance (in strict compliance with data protection regulations) serve as the basis for the simulations. As a result, we carry out the simulated job interviews in an absolutely realistic manner.

Visible Success | Argumentoriks What is the relationship between theory and practice?

We have been observing for years that the greatest learning effect of our clients lies precisely in the realistic simulations of the job interviews. And that they regularly regard our exercises as the "highlight" of the seminar. That's why we put a lot of emphasis on practice and pay attention to a distribution of 20% theory and 80% practice. For more information, please take a look at the schedule.

Europe-wide | Argumentorik Do participants also receive video feedback?

We offer to accompany the job application training in Munich with a camera. This method has proven to be very useful in the past and has been highly enlightened by our clients, as the video allows for a more detailed analysis of the 2 job interview simulations. If you or individual participants do not want the video analysis, of course we can do without.

English and/or German | Argumentorik Is there a job application training as an individual coaching available?

In addition to our group seminars, we also offer an individual job application coaching, on request also at your location or via Skype. You are welcome to contact us with your questions and concerns by phone on +49 89/95 73 11 51 or by email at We look forward to you!

Online Job Application Training | Argumentorik Would you like to get started with the application training right away?

In our portfolio there is an online course for job application training. In 61 short and concise video lessons, you will learn how to master a job interview with good arguments and good demeanor and thus convince your future employer. Of course, you will also receive a certificate of attendance for your documents. The online job application training with practical examples and exercises can be purchased for only 79€ incl. VAT. Of course, there are other online courses for rhetorical training in our portfolio.

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