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In-House Employee Development | Argumentorik
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Better presentations, better corporate communication, better meetings and better handling of conflict situations — these are the classic contents of our in-house training for employee development and personnel development. The ability of professional communication is not only important for executives, but also for employees. In exercises and simulations we will analyze the status quo in your team and then provide your employees with concrete techniques to increase their communicative abilities and realize their full potential.

Above all, the ability to justify one's own point of view and respond appropriately to criticism from colleagues and/or customers are points that visibly improve the team's daily work and create a more pleasant corporate climate. We ensure a qualified training in communication and make every employee an effective ambassador and top performer of your company.

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Our recommended content for your Employee Development

In addition to your own desired content for the training, you can also integrate the following 24 modules into the training. In your non-binding request simply enter the desired module abbreviation (E1-E24).

E1: How to strengthen self-motivation in the team
E2: How to make meetings short and productive
E3: Promote empathy through active listening and emotional intelligence
E4: Creativity techniques: mastering the art of brainstorming
E5: Improve fairness through clear and open communication
E6: Ways to greater willingness to change
E7: Personality development through high-quality feedback
E8: How to give correct feedback and deal properly with colleagues' criticisms
E9: Handling conflict situations in the team
E10: How to address problems in conversations at the right time with the right tone
E11: Ideas for constructive teambuilding activities
E12: Increase productivity through efficiency and effectiveness techniques
E13: Open exchange on values and visions of the company
E14: How to justify one's own point of view in a convincing way
E15: Strengthen personal responsibility through more autonomy and trust
E16: Fellowship instead of leadership: dealing at eye level
E17: Ways to increase employee satisfaction
E18: Creative ways to promote self-learning
E19: Recognizing the potentials and strengths of each other
E20: How to give better and more professional presentations
E21: Team leadership, team development and teambuilding: best practices
E22: How to increase eloquence and communicate strategically
E23: How performance target settings ideally look like
E24: Identify employee types and communicate according to the type


Customer Voice Employee Development | Argumentorik

"Many good tips that can be applied in everyday professional life. Nice open communication with good feedbacks!"
— Mareen B., Tengelmann Ventures Management GmbH

Customer Voice Employee Development | Argumentorik

"Mr. Jachtchenko is open and honest. Says what he thinks without politics. The training was also very useful to understand the different types of people and their behaviours. I am very happy that Mr. Jachtchenko was honest enough to point out the things that I have to work on. Thanks for two great days!"
— Ioannis P., Head of B2B Products at trivago

Customer Voice Employee Development | Argumentorik

"Two intense days left a mark on my team leaders and me — in the best sense of the word. Since then, it has become clear how we have to communicate internally and externally in order to be even more successful as a team!"
— Dr. Steffen A., Chief Pharmacist of Städtisches Klinikum München GmbH

Customer Voice Employee Development | Argumentorik

"Many thanks for the many important insights from the employee training today with us. Found it great! I wish I could transfer everything IMMEDIATELY in my daily working routine."
— Anton O., Strategic Account Manager at ANSYS Germany GmbH

Employee Development Europe-wide: Tailored program

We prepare each employee training in close consultation with you on the basis of the documents you have sent. For instance, these can be typical presentation slides of your employees or extracts from emails or existing contracts.

Send us a non-binding request, so that we can arrange a suitable appointment with you for the negotiation training. For free comprehensive consultation, please call: +49 89/95 73 11 51

Our special

Each in-house employee training includes a free preliminary conversation and an individually tailored program to set up your training goals. With our program you promote the qualified training of your employees and ultimately the success of your company.

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In-House Employee Development Europe-wide: Organization

Organizing a training for employee development, we can consider the wishes and requirements of the participants, such as giving a training on a weekday, on weekends or just half-days. We are happy to arrange the training flexibly to your suggestions and your priorities. Let us know your ideas and expectations you have regarding the process — and we will develop a tailored in-house seminar for your company based on the areas you mentioned!

Organizational data at a glance:

  • target audience: Employees of all industries
  • at your location
  • number of participants on request
  • in Englisch and/or German
  • including video analysis
  • practice-oriented exercises
  • flexible duration (recommended: 1-2 days)
  • on your desired date
  • extensive documents & certificate of attendance for each employee
  • investment: please click on prices!

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Philosophy of the Argumentorik Academy

FAQs about our In-House Employee Training in Germany and Europe

Experienced Top Trainer | Argumentorik Can you describe the profile of the business coach Wladislaw Jachtchenko?

Mr. Jachtchenko worked as a lawyer in several law firms and as a political scientist at the United Nations in New York City. Since 2007 he gives tailored employee trainings for companies such as Allianz, BMW, Pro7, Westwing, 3M and many others. He is one of the most successful speakers in public speaking competitions in Germany and Europe and the developer of the Argumentorik concept: expressive rhetoric and impressive argumentation are combined to form a unity. Of course, rhetoric and argumentation play a major role in every day professional life. Through his in-house trainings, your employees increase their communication skills on the same day. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Jachtchenko at wj@argumentorik.com.

Innovative Concept | Argumentorik How many people can attend an in-house employee training?

The fewer people participate in an employee training, the more possibilities the individual has to exercise. We recommend a maximum of 12 active participants, with an unlimited number of employees who can be present as so-called "silent observers". Our goal is to increase the communicative abilities of each participant and the business coach addresses the individual problems of each individual. From experience, 12 active participants are a good upper limit. A training with only 3-6 participants is obviously much more intense. By the way, at the end of the training everybody receives a certificate of attendance.

Practical Excercise | Argumentorik Are the practical exercises tailored to your company needs?

The in-house employee training is explicitly geared towards the everyday practical requirements of your employees. Before each training, the business coach prepares himself with the help of your documents (for example, contract samples, employee emails, interview guides, typical case studies) into the classical problem constellation of your employees and develops on this basis a seminar program, which is ideally tailored to your company.

Visible Success | Argumentorik What is the relationship between theory and practice in an in-house training for employee development?

We have been observing for years that the greatest learning effect among employees lies in practical exercises. And that they regularly regard our exercises as the "highlight" of the in-house seminar. However, since it is your training, you can specify exactly the relationship between theory and practice. Our recommendation: 20% theory — 80% practice. In an 8-hour training this means 2 hours of theory and 6 hours of practice. If you like to have a different distribution, just let us know.

Video Feedback | Argumentorik Do participants also receive video feedback?

We offer to accompany the in-house seminar on employee development with a camera. This method has proven to be very useful in the past and has been highly enlightened by participants, as the video allows for a more detailed analysis of the training simulations. If you or individual members do not want the video analysis, of course we can do without.

Training Half Day | Argumentorik Is it possible to book a training half-day?

Yes. Many of our clients book two half days (usually 2 x 4 hours) so the workday is not completely blocked by the training. For example, once as a morning session and once as an afternoon session. Also in German.

Also Individual Coaching available | Argumentorik Is there an employee training as an individual coaching available?

In addition to our group seminars, we also offer an one-to-one business coaching, on request also at your location or via Skype. You are welcome to contact us with your questions and concerns by phone on +49 89/95 73 11 51 or by email at info@argumentorik.com. We look forward to you!

Keynote Speech | Argumentorik Would you prefer a keynote speech?

Our keynote speaker Mr. Jachtchenko offers rousing keynote speeches for management, executives, salespeople, buyer agents and employees. As a top expert in professional communication, he ensures that you receive concise, exciting and science-based insights into communicative topics. Our keynote speech "Quick-Wittedness", extremely popular among employees, introduces the 10 best quick-witted techniques that allow employees to practice their quick-wittedness for work and everyday life. Furthermore, if you and your employees like to gain insights into 10 of the best productivity methods on how to work more effectively and efficiently, then our keynote "Efficiency and Effectiveness" is recommended. Or you are interested in learning 6 effective persuasion techniques — then the keynote speech "The Psychology of Persuasion" is just right for you!

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