Rhetoric Trainings and Keynote Speeches Europe-wide

We also offer In-house Trainings and Individual Coaching with top trainers.

German Speakers Association Deutsches Rednerlexikon WM Quarter-Finalist Top Speaker

Learn convincing business communication from the best! Our trainers will ensure that you and your team will visibly increase your communication skills after only a few hours. All our trainers are nationally and internationally distingueshed experts, who are among the best in public speaking competitions such as European and World Debating Championships (Top speakers in Europe, quarter-finalists at World Championships, German champions). You can book us for communications trainings, keynote speeches, in-house trainings and individual business coaching everywhere in Europe, and also in German. Booked as a speaker between San Fransisco and Moscow, Mr. Jachtchenko will give your event a special touch at your desired location.

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Excellent Rhetoric Trainings Europe-wide

Equip your employees rhetorically! Our communications trainings offer an excellent opportunity to do so: Whether it is our 2-day rhetoric course, our 1-day communications training, the negotiation training, the conflict management seminar or our presentation skills training - we guarantee you an entertaining seminar with an exciting program and many practice exercises.

Tailored In-House Training for your team

We offer four in-house trainings: leadership training, negotiation training, employee development and sales training. Each training we adapt in a preliminary conversation to the specific needs of your company and guarantee 100% practical relevance. Whether teambuilding, conflict management, change management or sales rhetoric: you determine the focus of the training.

Inspiring Keynote Speech for your company event

We offer your company a rousing keynote speech with the Top speaker in Europe, Mr. Wladislaw Jachtchenko. Choose one of our keynote speeches (the most popular ones are: "Dark Rhetoric — Manipulation Techniques", "Employee Motivation" and "Successful Negotiation") and get concise, exciting and science-based insights into perfect communication for your professional life. New food for thought and a unique stage presence guaranteed.

Individualized Business Coaching

Do you prefer an individual coaching? Then our business coaching portfolio offers excellent opportunities: from presentation coaching and job application coaching up to personal development training as well as individual topics — a professional business coach will help you with your rhetorical challenge.

Learn online from home with Online Courses

Online communications courses offer an unbeatable advantage as you can choose your own pace and learn from home. Our Argumentorik Online Academy offers you many exciting topics and a free online communications course. Subscribe now and convince yourself of the quality of our online courses.

Online Training for companies

Companies can order customized online training packages (Basic / Professional / Premium) for their employees. These are inexpensive, summarize relevant basic knowledge in short video lessons succinctly and are highly suitable as a supplement to your existing training program.


Customer Voice | Argumentorik

"I've learned a lot about rhetoric and taken a number of points that I will internalize directly. My interest in improving my communications skills has increased even more, both for me and for my teams."
— Johannes Thomas, Managing Director at Trivago N.V.

Customer Voice | Argumentorik

"The keynote speeches are outstanding in content. With a lot of wit and humor Mr. Jachtchenko turns every topic into an event! Every employee can take something from the keynote for their daily work. We look forward to the next keynote."
— Georg Schmidt, CEO von Gerotron Communication GmbH

Customer Voice | Argumentorik

"Excellently structured and tailor-made coaching, which also gave me as an experienced speaker valuable impulses and excellent inspirations to make my speeches even more effective."
— Sabine Nallinger, Director of the Foundation 2 degrees and member of the Munich City Council

Customer Voice | Argumentorik

"For years we have been working together with the Argumentorik Academy. These are valuable keynotes, communications trainings for our team and extremely effective individual business coachings for our managers."
— Sascha Schumann, CEO and Lead Architect der Myra Security GmbH

Customer Voice | Argumentorik

"The keynote speech and the subsequent training on the subject of 'Elevator Pitch' was very practice-oriented and pleased our management team very much. Thank you for the many good rhetorical impulses and ideas!"
— Thomas Zanzinger, Managing Director DACH, ANSYS Germany GmbH

5 good reasons for the Argumentorik Academy:

First reason: Experienced Top Trainer | Argumentorik Experienced top coaches. Authorities, medium-sized companies and DAX companies from different economic spheres book us. Due to our many years of experience, we are very familiar with the communicative challenges of various industries (car manufacturers, banks, consulting firms, insurance companies, law firms, engineering companies, etc.) and can draw on many years of experience.

Second reason: The Visible Success | Argumentorik The visible success. It is not for nothing that companies like Allianz, Pro7, UniCredit Group, 3M, Westwing and many more have entrusted their employees with our rhetoric trainings. And for good reason: Because 94% found our communications trainings very helpful and would recommend us immediately.

Third reason: Europe-wide in English | Argumentorik Everywhere in Europe and also in German. We offer our keynote speeches and communications trainings throughout Germany and Europe: from Berlin to Hamburg via Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, also in Zurich or Valencia or in any other European city. You can also book all our trainings in German.

Forth reason: The Innovative Concept | Argumentorik The innovative concept. With our innovative Argumentorik concept you will learn how to effectively combine expressive language and impressive reasoning. So that you not only inspire your audience, but also convince with content.

Fifth reason: We help fast | Argumentorik We help fast. If you want to book an in-house training, a keynote speaker or a moderator at short notice — or if you want to order a speech, then we will assist you quickly. Use our contact form or call us: +49 89/95 73 11 51.

The philosophy of Argumentorik

„Rhetoric without arguments is empty — arguments without rhetoric are lame.”

Philosophy of the Argumentorik Academy | Argumentorik

Only through a meaningful synthesis of reasoning and rhetoric a speech really becomes convincing. Unfortunately, in science and business argumentation and rhetoric are taught and used completely separately. Rhetoric trainers train well-sounding rhetoric — argumentation instructors focus on logical reasoning. And thus separate the art of beautiful language from the art of conclusive argumentation.

The Argumentorik concept eliminates this malady. The Argumentorik Academy places equal weight on argumentation and rhetoric. And thus creates the necessary synthesis of expressive language and impressive reasoning.

Our Rhetoric Training: Argumentative rhetoric as a benchmark

The motto of the Argumentorik Academy is: No rhetoric without reasoning — No reasoning without rhetoric! Because rhetoric makes the language more beautiful — and argumentation makes the speech more profound. A good speaker will do both well. And tries to reconcile both. Too much rhetoric — and the speech seems contrived. Too much argumentation — and the speech overwhelms the audience. And how do you find the necessary measure between argumentation and rhetoric? That's what our Argumentorik trainers show you.

About the use of rhetorical skills

With a rhetoric training or communications coaching, you can communicate more confidently and convince people better. Rhetoric skills increase your impact and guarantee you more success. Whether you want to give a presentation in front of a team, speak in front of a big audience, convince customers or executives and motivate employees — your ability to communicate plays a decisive role everywhere. Therefore, a communications training is a smart and long-term investment.

Organisation of a Rhetoric Training

The rhetoric training can take place directly in your company on your desired date. The training can take a few hours or several days. You determine the exact details of the communications training as well as the form: Whether as an individual business coaching, as a keynote speech for the entire workforce or as an in-house training: We offer a tailored communications training and look forward to your non-binding request.