Conflict Management Seminar: "Solving Conflicts" (In-House, Europe-wide)

Our De-escalation Training In-House for your employees

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Conflict Management Seminar | Argumentorik
German Speakers Association Deutsches Rednerlexikon WM Quarter-Finalist Top Speaker

This conflict management seminar increases the ability for conflict resolution of your employees. The in-house training developed for organizations from a wide variety of industries focuses on how conflicts can be resolved constructively and confidently. Each employee has the opportunity to participate in two realistic conflict simulations. And are able to put immediately the learned conflict theory into practice. The conflict management training is ideal for companies that want to prevent conflicts and enable their employees to solve a conflict independently.

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Conflict Management Seminar: 100% practical relevance

Your employees receive important theoretical input from the trainer regarding types of conflicts, conflict resolution strategies, conflict strategies and types of conflict resolution. But the most important thing about the seminar is the 100% practical relevance for your company. In a preliminary conversation you can describe to the trainer classical conflict situations — and we prepare for you tailored conflict exercises in which we use video analysis to train your employees to recognize and solve conflicts professionally and to quickly de-escalate heated situations.


Customer Voice Conflict Management Seminar | Argumentorik

"Hello Wlad, I would like to thank you once again for the incredibly exciting, educational and also amusing conflict management seminar. I am convinced that we will meet again!"
— Jens N., Service Manager, MAHAG GmbH

Customer Voice Conflict Management Seminar | Argumentorik

"Thank you for the great training. We at Roche had been thrilled. The concept will definitely be passed on and you can look forward to furhter requests in the future."
— Li K., Subject Specialist at Roche AG

Customer Voice Conflict Management Seminar | Argumentorik

"Thanks for the great seminar! On the one hand, I only received positive feedback from the participants, even though some had a bit of a struggle with the open feedback. On the other hand, in particular this was extremly helpful. I would definitely be glad, if such an event will soon take place again!"
— Thomas O., Implementation Lead, Urban Science International GmbH

Note: The conflict management seminar is essentially about professional conflict resolution. If the communications training should more be focused on improving negotiating skills of your employees, then we recommend our one-day negotiation training.

Further seminars for companies can be found here: Rhetoric trainings. If you would rather have an individual business coaching on conflict resolution, please take a look at our conflict coaching for more information.

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Schedule "Solving Conflicts" Europe-wide

9.00 – 9.30 Introduction: What is a conflict? Which types of conflict exist?
This is about the right definition of a conflict and about different types of conflicts such as conflicting goals, middle conflicts, value conflicts, power conflicts, role conflicts and many others.
9.30 – 9.45 Which phases undergoes an ideal-type conflict?
One must know typical stages of conflicts in order to evaluate in which phase the conflict is and in order to use constructively adequate conflict resolution strategies.
9.45 – 10.00 The different conflict personalities
Some see a conflict as a competition, others as an opportunity, and others as a circumstance to avoid. This session is about the different conflict characters.
10.00 – 12.00 1. Conflict simulation with each participant and analysis of the individual conflict resolution style for each participant
The first conflict simulation is about the participant playing with the trainer an imaginary conflict situation and applying the learned conflict theory directly to the case (with video feedback).
12.00 – 12.15 The different perspectives on a conflict
Conflicts always have a negative connotation in our culture. It's about finding different perspectives on the subject.
12.15 – 12.30 Communicative enhancers of conflicts and se-escalation rhetoric
There are special classical formulations that further fuel the conflict, rather than de-escalating him. Of course you should know and avoid thesse formulations.
12.30 – 13.30 - Lunch break -
13.30 – 13.45 How emotional intelligence helps in conflict management
When emotions are strong, it becomes difficult to come to a solution during a conflict. Being able to control one's own emotions and be able to read each other's emotions is a crucial competence in conflict resolution.
13.45 – 14.15 Types of conflict management
There are many ways to deal with a conflict: as an initiator, as a conflict advisor, as a moderator, as a mediator, as a conflict manager in the narrower sense or as a mediator and decision maker. The different roles have different advantages — and each conflict requires a different role strategy.
14.15 – 14.45 The 5 best conflict resolution strategies
Regardless of the role involved in a conflict, there are five universal conflict resolution strategies that are helpful in all phases of conflicts.
14.45 – 16.45 2. Conflict simulation with each participant and analysis of the individual conflict resolution style for each participant
The second conflict simulation is about the participant playing a conflict situation with the trainer playing the role of a real counterpart (with video feedback).
16.45 – 17.00 How to improve sustainably?
Tips for participants to train independently their competence for conflict resolution after the seminar.

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Organizational data at a glance:

  • your trainer: Absolute expert of conflict management
  • target group: Employees of all industries
  • at your location
  • number of participants on request
  • in English and/or German
  • including video analysis
  • practice-oriented exercises
  • 1 day
  • on your desired date
  • extensive documents & certificate of attendance for each employee
  • investment: 2.497,-€ plus VAT (for the whole team)

Conflict Management Seminar Europe-wide: That's what the participants say

The most common feedback we received from our participants at the end of the conflict management seminar was that the training was "rich in content" and that one could "learn a lot for the future", especially from the conflict simulations. 94% of our customers would therefore recommend the seminar. If you have any questions, then do not hesitate and call +49 89/95 73 11 51 or send us an email to

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Philosophy of the Argumentorik Academy

FAQs about our Conflict Management Seminar in Germany and Europe

Experienced Top Trainer | Argumentorik Can you describe the profile of our rhetoric trainers?

Our trainers of conflict management are internationally distingueshed speakers. Mr. Jachtchenko is Top speaker in Europe and a quarter-finalist at World Championships , Mr. Witzmann is German champion in Debating championships, a semi-finalist in European Debating Championships and Mr. Dankerl is a quarter-finalist at World Championships and a semi-finalist at the German Debating Championship. Your employees benefit from the Argumentorik concept which combines expressive rhetoric and impressive argumentation into a single unit. Through our 1-day conflict management seminar "Solving Conflicts", your employees increase their conflict resolution skills in one day. For questions, please contact us at

Innovative Concept | Argumentorik How many people can participate in a conflict management seminar?

We recommend a maximum number of 12 employees, with an unlimited number of people who like to be present as so-called "silent observer". Our goal is to increase each employee's conflict management skills on one day. Our rhetoric trainer gives in-depth feedback on each person's rhetorical challenges after each exercise. A training with only 3-6 participants is obviously much more intense. By the way, at the end of the successful training everybody receives a certificate of attendance.

Practical Excercises | Argumentorik Are there practical exercises included?

Yes! Our conflict management seminar is explicitly tailored to the everyday practical requirements in conflict situations of your employees. Each employee has the opportunity to complete 2 realistic negotiation simulations. These simulations are integrated in the schedule of the seminar and are about putting the learned conflict resolution strategies immediately into practice. If you would like to book a tailored training, then please take a look at our in-house trainings.

Visible Success | Argumentoriks What is the relationship between theory and practice?

We have been observing for years that the greatest learning effect of our clients lies in our realistic negotiation simulations. And that they regularly regard our exercises as the "highlight" of the seminar. That's why we put a lot of emphasis on practice and pay attention to a distribution of 20% theory and 80% practice. For more information, please take a look at the schedule.

Europe-wide | Argumentorik Do participants also receive video feedback?

We offer to accompany the conflict management seminar with a camera. This method has proven to be very useful in the past and has been highly enlightened by our clients, as the video allows for a more detailed analysis of the 2 negotiation exercises. If you or individual participants do not want the video analysis, of course we can do without.

English and/or German | Argumentorik Is there a conflict management seminar as an individual coaching available?

In addition to our group seminars, we also offer a conflict coaching as an individual business coaching, on request also at your location or via Skype. You are welcome to contact us with your questions and concerns by phone on +49 89/95 73 11 51 or by email at We look forward to you!

Keynote Speech | Argumentorik Would you prefer a keynote speech?

Our keynote speaker Mr. Jachtchenko offers rousing keynote speeches. As a top expert in professional communication, he ensures that you receive concise, exciting and science-based insights into communicative topics. Our keynote speech "Quick-Wittedness", extremely popular among employees, introduces the 10 best quick-witted techniques that allow employees to practice their quick-wittedness for professional and everyday life. Furthermore, if you and your employees like to gain insights into 10 of the best productivity methods on how to work more effectively and efficiently, then our keynote "Efficiency and Effectiveness" is recommended. Or you are interested in learning 6 effective persuasion techniques — then the keynote speech "The Psychology of Persuasion" is just right for you! We look forward to receiving your request for one of our keynote speeches!

Online Courses | Argumentorik How can I immediately improve my rhetoric?

The online courses of our Argumentorik Online Academy give you the opportunity to improve your negotiation management from the comfort of your home. Our e-learning portfolio offers pure infotainment! In our online course Verhandlungstraining: Erfolgreich verhandeln" you will learn how to negotiate successfully and how to get more out for yourself in business and private situations. And there are many more interesting tips! If you would like to deal more intensively with the complex field of argumentation — which also belongs without question to the tool set of a good negotiator — then the online course "Argumentieren — Überzeugen — Durchsetzen" is excellent for that. Or you may be interested in learning how to expose manipulative people — then our online course "Schwarze Rhetorik — Manipulation durch Sprache" is recommended. All online courses include free introductory video lessons!

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