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20 Best Communication Hacks: Influence and Persuade People | zur Video-Vorschau

Communicate more effectively: learn from the best communicators in the world like Robbins, Sinek, Covey, Rosenberg etc., with quiz & script!

Online Course 20 Hacks | Argumentorik

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Unterrichtet von Rhetorik-Trainer & Speaker Wladislaw Jachtchenko

The way you communicate with others and with yourself ultimately determines the quality of your life!

This course helps you to be a great one-to-one communicator. You will learn from the best ancient and contemporary communicators. Each of the 20 communication hacks is easily adaptable in your everyday life. Short and entertaining lectures are easy to unterstand and your trainer Wlad comes directly to the most important point. After 1,5 hours you will influence and persuade people like a Pro.

The trainer, Wlad Jachtchenko, is a professional communication trainer in Germany. He is one of the most successful debaters in the world (TOP speaker in Europe, World Championship Quarter-Finalist). He worked as a lawyer in Munich and as a political scientist at the United Nations Head Quarters in NYC and now shares his knowledge on rhetoric and argumentation via online courses. He strongly believes in the benefits of online education — and invites you to test the course right now!

Wlad offers a 30 day money back warranty. So just try out a few lectures — and be blown away by the sophisticated communication hacks from the best communicators in the world!!

Course content

  1. Why you should always be soft to the person?
  2. Why you should first listen?
  3. How to quickly establish a connection between you and your discussion partner?
  4. How to capture attention in a dialogue?
  5. Why you should use "reciprocity" in a conversation?
  6. ...and 15 other brilliant communication hacks from the best

What is the target group of this course?

  • All who want to immprove their communications skills

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Section 1: 20 best communication hacks: persuade and influence like a Pro

Lesson 1: Soft to the person, hard on the issue (Fisher/Ury)

Lesson 2: Seek first to understand, then to be understood (Covey)

Lesson 3: Rapport is created by a feeling of commonality (Robbins)

Lesson 4: Capture attention with storytelling (Simon Sinek)

Lesson 5: The principle of reciprocity (Robert Cialdini)

Lesson 6: Give honest and sincere appreciation (Dale Carnegie)

Lesson 7: Four ways of hearing a negative message (Rosenberg)

Lesson 8: The truth about inner communication

Lesson 9: The role of arguments and innate vanity (Schopenhauer)

Lesson 10: Watch out for rhetorical manipulation (Plato)

Lesson 11: Use simple language (Moliere)

Lesson 12: Question what the other person is saying (Brian Tracy)

Lesson 13: If the other refuses: Ask why not? (William Ury)

Lesson 14: The best persuasion tip (Aristotle)

Lesson 15: The power of because (Susan Langer)

Lesson 16: If your emotions heat up (Laurence J Peter)

Lesson 17: If the others emotions heat up

Lesson 18: The ultimate voice tip

Lesson 19: The ultimate body language tip

Lesson 20: The ultimate language tip

Lesson 21: Your next steps

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More customer voices

„Worthwhile course! Why? It delivers on its promises to be a better 1:1 communicator. How? Learn from the best communicators. Instructor Wlad says: "The 20 communication hacks are easily adaptable in your everyday life." Try it yourself. The proof of the pudding is in eating it!” (Ettienne V.)

„Sehr einfach und gut strukturierte Präsentationen mit wertvollem Inhalt. We iter so!” (Nina K.)

„Informative course. The instructor presented the topic well.” (Mary V.)

„Good content! Short lectures - good tips. It's worth it!” (Michael W.)

„Nice online course! I watched already several courses from Wlad and I am always astonised about the presentation. He expresses himself precisely and eloquently. I could learn a lot - and will implement some of the hacks in my everyday life. Thanks, Wlad!” (Sandra P.)

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